abby Cannabis Grow Box Review Results

A few months ago, I posted my review of the abby smart grow box for cannabis. At the time, our cannabis plant was still in the vegetation stage and I promised I would provide an update. Here is that update!

Since the original review: our plant flowered, we harvested it, we dried it (using a drying rack like this one), and then cured it. It’s been curing for about 3 weeks now.

Our bud in a jar for curing

Our total yield (measured after drying) was 4.15 ounces (about 117 grams). To put that in perspective, that is about $800 worth of weed at very low per-ounce prices. So in just one cycle, abby can basically pay for itself.

And this definitely isn’t low-quality cannabis. I am by no means an expert, but I’m not inexperienced either. Our bud (which came from a spritzer strain clone) is very good. The aroma is strong and sweet, the buds are sticky and hairy, and it smokes nicely.

We purposefully aimed for lower THC content because we’re lightweights, but this stuff will still knock you on your butt. The smoke is smooth and has a good, mild taste—make sure you follow the guidelines to get the profile you want.

We’ve ended up with more flower than we could smoke in several years, but we’re still planning to grow another plant because it is fun!

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