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Freelance Writer


Working as a freelancer, I wrote thousands of articles for publications including, the official…


Senior Technical Writer


As a full-time employee of Avnet, I worked as a Senior Technical Writer to publish…



2014 and 2018

At the request of DK Publishing / Penguin Random House, I took a break from…


Mechanical Designer


After graduating with an associate degree in Drafting Technology, I began working as a mechanical…

Recent Blog Posts

February 4, 2024

Serial Hobbyism Is Live!

From now on, all of my projects and guides will be posted at! This website ( will just be for my professional freelance writing work. Also, be sure to…
January 26, 2024

Seal 3D Scanner Review

Reviewing 3DMakerpro's Seal 3D scanner. I have mixed feelings about 3D scanners in general, but this one works relatively well. Let me know if you want an in-depth guide on…
December 15, 2023

’80s Video Phone

I stumbled across concept art from the 1980s of a Videotex telephone concept and turned it into a real, functional retro-style video phone!

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