TurboNES: a Simple RetroPie Setup


Years ago, I designed this adapter so that I could use a reproduction ZX Spectrum case to build a RetroPie gaming console. Fast forward a couple of years and I had a roommate that thought it was really cool.

That former roommate (now a former friend) had a birthday coming up, so I made him his own RetroPie system called TurboNES.

On the hardware side, this is very straightforward. It is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B running RetroPie, with the top 100 ROMs for a variety of consoles. Two wireless SNES controllers (Amazon affiliate link) plug into the USB ports.

Most of my time went into designing the enclosure, which I think looks pretty nice. It hides everything but the USB-C power port and the micro HDMI port. My friend isn’t very tech savvy, so I wanted it to be foolproof. Using my Bambu Lab P1S with AMS, I was able to get a nice two-tone color scheme.

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