Other Reviews

I mostly review 3D printers and you can find a list of those here: 3D Printer Reviews

On this page, I’ll list my reviews for other products.

Creality CR-Scan LizardBuy on Amazon

Mycroft Mark II Virtual AssistantBuy on Mycroft

iDraw 2.0 Pen PlotterBuy on iDraw

Phrozen Sonic SaberBuy on Phrozen

Abby Smart Grow BoxBuy on Abby

AGM G1S Android SmartphoneBuy on Amazon

ROLLOVA Digital Measuring TapeBuy on Amazon

Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter

Hunter Cat Credit Card Skimmer DetectorBuy on Lab401


ClockworkPi GameShell

ApplePi Audiophile DAC


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