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Comparatron – DIY Digital Optical Comparator

Comparatron is my own digital optical comparator design. It is open source and anyone can build it and use the software interface I programmed.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Double DIN Stereo Install Parts

The parts you need to install an aftermarket double-DIN stereo in a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2.

Montero Modified Hitch
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How to Modify a Curt Trailer Hitch for 3rd Gen Monteros

How to modify a Curt trailer hitch for third generation Mitsubishi Monteros/Pajeros to improve ground clearance and departure angle.

Montero Seat
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3rd Gen Montero Seat Upholstery Repair Guide

In this guide, I’ll explain how you can repair common seat upholstery tears on a budget.

Multi-material resin 3D printing
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Multi-Material Resin 3D Printing Tutorial

Learn how to create a multi-material resin 3D print.

Multi-color resin 3D printing
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How to: Multi-Color Resin 3D Printing

Use this technique to create multi-color resin 3D prints.

Motorcycle Trackday
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What You Need for Your First Motorcycle Trackday

To help others get on the track, I want to explain what you need for your first motorcycle trackday.